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Interesting Fact:  Coarse compost mulch is great for reducing weed growth.

Interesting Fact:  BTS Landscaping has a calculator on their website you can calculate how much mulch or topsoil you will need.

What is topsoil and mulch?

Just as the name implies, topsoil comes from the Earth’s surface.  It is made of organic matter such as leaves, grasses, bark, and even manure.  Mulch is a protective layer made up of a combination of old newspapers, straw, wood chips, plastic, and ground up rocks. Each of these plays a vital role in landscaping. 

Why do I need it for my garden?

Topsoil has important nutrients for plants and will help them to grow and remain healthy.  Mulch is designed to eliminate weeds while keeping moisture in the ground.  Using a combination of these in your landscaping will help your plants grow while reducing work.  In areas like Utah, this can be vital in helping keep your plants green during hot summer months.


What are the different kinds of mulch or topsoil?

There are three different types of topsoil: sand, loam, and clay.  Landscaping usually uses a topsoil that is a mixture of all with things such as manure and wood fiber added to the blend to make it better for plants.  There are many types of mulch ranging from rocks to bark.  A fine composted, nutrient-enriched mulch is ideal for Utah gardens.  This mixture will usually include manure and other organic ingredients.   

How is topsoil made?

Topsoil mixed for landscaping uses a mixture utilizing composted wood fiber mulch, organic soils, fine sand, and horse manure.  The mixture is then combined with the correct amount of moisture and oxygen, allowing it to compost for many months.  Doing this forces the mixture to reach temperatures over 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which breaks the coarser mulch pieces down and destroys unwanted weed seeds.  The composted topsoil is then screened to remove any large debris.   

What kind of mulch works best in my Utah home’s yard?

There are different types of mulch for different needs.  Coarse composted is 3 inches and under which makes it ideal for ground cover in Salt Lake City yards.  It also works great as an agent to reduce weed growth.  Fine composted mulch is nutrient-enriched mixed with horse manure that has been finely ground.  This is ideal for Utah gardens and flower beds.    

How will topsoil or mulch be beneficial to my landscaping?

By using the right blend of soils you can have great looking, lower maintenance landscaping despite Utah’s challenging conditions.  The right soils will prevent weeds from growing while helping plants, flower, bushes, and trees to grow quicker and flourish.  If you are unsure of how much or what type you of soil you need, try using our site calculator and detailed descriptions to get an idea of what your project will require.