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For high quality top soil and playground mulch, trust the experts at BTS.

For the best playground mulch in the Salt Lake City area, contact BTS.

BTS has been in business for over 50 years, offering the best in topsoil and playground mulch. The topsoil experts at BTS have a carefully designed process for creating mulch that is perfect for playground comfort and safety. Quality playground mulch is an absolute must for creating an ideal environment of safety and fun for children. Don't trust the playground mulch for your home, school, business or park to just anyone; trust the experts. Contact BTS or visit us online for a convenient playground mulch calculator that will help you calculate exactly how much product you will need for your Utah home, park, business or school.

BTS specializes in producing a variety of mulch, topsoil, soil prep, and flower garden soil that is specifically designed to work best.

BTS has over 50 years of serving Utah with the best in mulch, topsoil, soil pep, and flower garden soil. BTS offers fine composted horse manure mulch that is ground and composted for several months at a perfect temperature that will help prevent weeds, retain water and will enrich your topsoil If you are looking for the ideal coarse composted mulch that is also enriched with horse manure and composted at a perfect 150 degrees Fahrenheit, consists of larger chunks that are ideal for ground cover. BTS also produces that best soil prep, a welcome addition to any topsoil, and can be used as topsoil or can be mixed with other soils for a more ideal composition. The flower garden soil produced by BTS is a proven mixture of mulch, topsoil, sand, gypsum, Pearlite, water extender and a fertilizer that is slowly released for best growth, all combined in a the perfect proportions for the Utah area. The topsoil offered by BTS is the premier topsoil available in the Salt Lake City area, and is also produced by a process that has been carefully perfected by the experts at BTS to be ideal gardens and yards. BTS topsoil has not only been blended carefully to provide the perfect amount of moisture and oxygen, but it is even carefully composted at ideal temperatures for creating a rich environment unparalleled in other topsoils available. Come into BTS of Salt Lake City or use our convenient topsoil and playground mulch calculator.