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Professional Demolition & Wrecking Services

BTS Inc. has years of experience in residential, commercial, government and industrial wrecking projects. Ranging from revitalization to right of way clearing. Our service includes high quality demolition and ensured safety. As demolition contractors we evaluate the site and determine the best method for each project. We will evaluate your needs and ascess the property. By establishing a demolition plan we will take into account the structure along with the surrounding environment. When we measure out different outcomes it allows the contractors to provide safe and effective wrecking services. With safety as the main priority, BTS takes the time to properly prepare for each project, making sure the execution is performed successfully and customer satisfaction is maintained. 

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Picking the Proper Soil

Most landscaping projects require Topsoil or Mulch.

How much topsoil will you need?

When should you use mulch as an accent?

How much product is sufficient for weed control?

What is a Cubic Yard?

Redevelopment and revitalization services are necessary for certain areas to maintain an economic balance. BTS expert contractors work with all types of building materials and can create a clean slate for new developments and projects following wrecking. Revitalizing neighborhoods and business areas draws in more people and increases economic output. Commercial and Residential land development is an important aspect to any community. BTS offers expert demolition and revitalization services that embody the vision of the developers and safety that is necessary to get the job done. Working with concrete structures of all sizes, the company proves their ability to tackle any project. BTS expert contractors in Salt Lake City, Utah are dedicated to beginning the wrecking process with reliable and safe demolition strategies.

With demolition & wrecking often comes a large mess; The expert contractors at BTS have experience in lot and right of way clearing services. Lot clearing requires a large amount of time and effort, but our team can have the site ready for new development quickly and efficiently. BTS also specializes on right of way clearing for Utah roads and transportation routes. Whether it's vegetation, utility lines or trees, BTS can remove the debris.

Recycling and Demolition

As much as 30% of the landfill waste in the United States and Salt Lake City is the debris from construction, demolition, wrecking, and remodeling of buildings. But much of that material is recyclable. The experts at BTS are doing our part to help reduce landfill waste.

Experienced Contractors

When it comes to residential demolition services, people are often hesitant due to small property. BTS contractors are experts in single and multiple family structures; utilizing methods of containment and safety measures to ensure the buildings are properly taken down and cleared following the wrecking.

Possessing a vast background in wrecking services, the Utah contractors at BTS use that knowledge in each project they take on. Learning new things on a demolition site is a given, and the experts at BTS are continually advancing their skills and honing their abilities. The focus of our Salt Lake City contractors is to remain humble, to remember our roots, and bear in mind that we have something to learn on every new wrecking project, which in turn, will keep our company grounded and our employees safe.